Monday, June 21, 2010

How I Write: A Visual Guide

My WIP in miniature. I write one scene per index card to get the big picture.
My notebooks for my WIP. Once an idea for a novel gets serious, it gets its own notebook. I only used the art pad at the beginning stages of plotting. I found it useful for working out timelines especially. The top notebook is now full so I've moved on to the one underneath for rewriting notes.
The art pad also came in handy for working out the order of scenes. I used sticky notes for that. It was an experiment based on something I read about another writer's methods. Not sure I'll do it that way again though. Didn't quite work for me.
My writing tools for this WIP all together like one happy family.
My writing partner-in-crime these days. How did I ever live without you?
My printed manuscript, after the first cuts.
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