Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Naming Resource & Other Updates

Tired of some of my usual character naming resources, I went on the hunt for a new website this month. I found one that has a few handy tools for expecting parents and authors alike! Babycenter's name finder may not be that special, but click on "Sibling Names" or "Suggested Names" next to any name for an interactive tour of complementary and alternative names. (Am I using the word "name" too much?) If your character has siblings or you're just searching for that perfect moniker, try this tool. It's awesome!

In other news, Dead Locked is now available as an ebook in several different stores. Here is the current list:
Diesel eBook Store
Barnes & Noble

And it's coming to print soon!

As a final note, check out the Eyecandy Blogfest going on this Saturday at Rambles & Randomness. I've got my pic lined up and I can't wait to see what everyone else posts!
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